Report Card Grades

  • Overall Physical Activity:
  • Organized Sport and Physical Activity:
  • Active Play:
  • Active Transportation:
  • Sedentary Behavior:
  • Physical Fitness:
  • Family and Peers:
  • School:
  • Community and Environment:
  • Government:

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    Report Card Leader

    Alun Williams

    Report Card Grades

    • Overall Physical Activity: D
    • Organized Sport and Physical Activity: C+
    • Active Play: INC
    • Active Transportation: D
    • Sedentary Behavior: C
    • Physical Fitness: INC
    • Family and Peers: INC
    • School: INC
    • Community and Environment: INC
    • Government: D

    Top Three Priorities

    1. To support the development of healthy nutrition and activity in Early Years settings.
    2. To increase active travel opportunities associated with schools.
    3. To refine a programme of measurement of behaviours linked to healthy weight, including physical activity, sedentary time and healthy eating.

    Report Card Leader

    Alun Williams

    Report Card Team


    "It has been a fascinating learning experience for the Bailiwick of Guernsey to be part of the AHKGA Global Alliance 3.0 initiative. There is a growing understanding of the importance of physical activity for young people locally and it is reassuring and inspiring to work alongside a range of like-minded global partners." - Alun Williams

    Conference Abstract: Movement to Move

    A Golden Opportunity: The Bailiwick of Guernsey Report Card 2018

    Alun Williams1, Lucy Whitman2, Yve Le Page3, Colin Le Page4, Graham Chester5, Simon J. Sebire6.
    1 States of Guernsey Education Services; 2 The Health Improvement Commission for Guernsey and Alderney; 3 Health Promotion Unit, Public Health Services, Guernsey; 4 States of Guernsey Traffic and Highway Services; 5 Guernsey Sports Commission; Sebire is with the 6 Centre for Exercise, Nutrition & Health Sciences, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol, England and The Health Improvement Commission for Guernsey and Alderney.


    Located in the English Channel, Guernsey has a population of 63,000. This first Report Card will  summarise existing evidence on young people’s physical activity.


    The main data source was the self-reported Guernsey Young People’s Survey, administered online in spring/summer 2016 in 16 primary (561 pupils) and 8 secondary and post-16 schools (985 pupils


    Physical activity and active transport levels are relatively low. Sedentary behavior is high amongst older children. There are signs of a Government response, but intentions need to be implemented and can be developed further.


    Based on current evidence, physical activity levels amongst Guernsey’s young people are low but islands like Guernsey have a golden opportunity to address this through a coordinated response.

    Table of Grades:

    Indicator Grade
    Overall Physical Activity D
    Organized Sport Participation C+
    Active Play INC
    Active Transportation D
    Sedentary Behaviours C
    Physical Fitness INC
    Family and Peers INC
    School INC
    Community and Environment INC
    Government D