Report Card Grades

  • Overall Physical Activity: D-
  • Organized Sport and Physical Activity: D
  • Active Play: INC
  • Active Transportation: INC
  • Sedentary Behavior: INC
  • Physical Fitness: INC
  • Family and Peers: INC
  • School: INC
  • Community and Environment: D+
  • Government: B

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Report Card Leaders

Bjørn Søvsø Jensen
Bjørn Søvsø Jensen, Cand. Scient sport and health from university of Denmark. Working in the Greenlandic sports Federation with my main focus set on changing and enhancing the sport and exercise infrastructure in Greenland, to allow more children to be more physical active. The main purpose with our engagement in the Active Healthy Kids Network is to gather and secure consensus among key stakeholders in Greenland and facilitate actual behavioral change on all levels related to the over-all physical activity of children and teenagers.

Agnete Klitsø Blicker
Master of Science (Msc) in Sports Science and Health, University of Southern Denmark

I am passionate about developing a basis for an active and inspiring learning environment for children and young people in Greenland. I educate students and teachers in how physical exercise can be used as a didactic and pedagogic tool in primary and lower secondary school (grundskolen).