FitBack Network and International Conference

You are invited to join the European FitBack network and the FitBack International Conference on September 25, 2021. Please see the invitation from our Slovenian colleagues below:
“The Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana in Slovenia coordinates the European FitBack network, which supports monitoring child and youth physical fitness. As part of this project, we have developed a free online platform, which will be launched in five languages and offers practical tools aimed at primarily two target groups:
  • a unique, user-friendly FitBack graphical report system is available for teachers, coaches, doctors and parents to create and download information on physical fitness, specific to their child’s current fitness standards 
  • key information is available for national, regional or local policy makers to help them establish a physical performance monitoring system of their own for the children in their communities.

Based on the experiences of countries that are already using national fitness monitoring systems, (e.g. SLOfit in Slovenia; Fitescoula in Portugal; NETFIT in Hungary; Serbian national system, and Move! in Finland), we have also devised a handy 10-step approach to establish your own monitoring system, supported by a graphical representation which we hope to encourage other countries to set up and maintain systems of their own.

FitBack network is open for new members therefore do not hesitate to contact us (


Moreover, on Saturday, September 25, 2021, we will host free-off-charge the FitBack international conference at the Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana on this topic, and we would be delighted if you could join us.


For your organization, we kindly invite you to register in advance for this event!”