GoPA Country Cards launch on January 27th!

The Global Observatory for Physical Activity – GoPA! will launch the Second Set of Country Cards on January 27th, 2021!

“In 2015, GoPA! produced the first set of physical activity profiles “Country Cards” for 139 countries worldwide and with data up to 2013. After six years and using standardized methods, GoPA! is launching the Second Set of Country Cards based on data up to 2019 from 217 countries. From these 217 countries, 150+ countries have local representatives that are part of the GoPA! network. The Country Cards are critical to make the case for physical activity at the national level and can be used by governments, researchers, advocates, and society. This Webinar will officially launch the Second Set of Country Cards and provide detail about methods, results and next steps.” (from GoPA website)

For more information, head to the event website (, and register to receive the updates.

The event will also be broadcast live on YouTube ( (the recording will be available in the GoPA! website)