Setting the World Record in a live streamed Physical Education Class

In an effort to stay active and have some fun the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance has partnered with V4Sport out of Poland, and other groups to try and set a World Record for an Online Physical Education Class which will be Livestreamed on the 22nd of April at 8:30 AM EST / 2:30 PM CET / 8:30 PM HKT. This event is open to people of all ages.

Our goal is to have minimum 5000 people participating in the livestreamed class as this would assure us of the World Record.

In order to achieve 5000 participants and hopefully go far beyond, we would like to kindly ask you to get involved and participate in this as well. We would also like to kindly ask people in your network to register for this event as well! It would be great, if during the online class, we could receive comments from people from all of the countries we are representing.

If willing and interested, here is how you can help:

1. Below you will find the links for both the event page and the fan page related to the event. The best way to share the information and invite your partners, colleagues, family and friends would be to go on the event page and use the “share” option. You can then add the caption in your language. This way your post will automatically use the official picture and will be the easiest way for the others to sign up.

Event page:

Event related fanpage: – this is the community building part, please feel free to invite everyone to join.

2. Below is the image which you can use on your social media or website. You are welcome to include your organisation’s logo in the blank spot and spread the word.

Click here to download the image

The caption you may want to use and translate could go as follows: “Stay active while we all stay at home! Join us in setting the world record in the biggest on-line PE lesson of all time – the whole World unites for a 30 minutes exercise class! We hope to see you on-line, April 22nd at (please remember to include the right time for your time zone).”

More specific information:

Main theme: join us in an effort to set the World Record in a livestreamed online PE class!

#:  #WorldPEClass  #OnlinePErecord  #InterntionalPEchallenge

Date: 22.04.2020. 22nd of April 2020. Wednesday.

Exact hour: 8:30AM EDT 2:30PM CET (please remember to include the right time for your time zone)

World Record: The overarching goal of this initiative is to have as many participants as possible from all corners of the World participating in ONE PE CLASS at the same time. Participants will be able to comment and write the name of the countries they are from, what are their preferred activities etc. They will be able to share with others their videos & pictures. The goal for it is to be very interactive and to create a sense of community in times of “social distancing”.

The teacher:  The On-line PE class will be led by a female PE teacher from Poland.

The duration: We are planning this for 30-40 min.

Language: Basic english with some greetings in different languages.  It has to be understandable for the kids from all over the World.

Livestream: Facebook livestream. The link to the event will be posted on the event page on Monday April 20th.

Thanks for considering and very best wishes!