Registration for NASPEM 2020 Is Open

The NASPEM (North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine) meeting will be held this summer in beautiful British Columbia at the Silver Star Mountain Resort.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has just celebrated its 30th anniversary and you are invited to attend NASPEM 2020 and join others in considering the child’s right to be fit. This includes (but is by no means limited to) how we ensure a safe and conducive environment for every child to be active, consideration of the ability and disability of every child and the development of appropriate assessment.

To this end, some of the leading experts in the field will be at NASPEM including Professors Dan Cooper, Neil Armstrong and Mark Tremblay opening the conference with the Tom Rowland Series, a round-table debate on the assessment of aerobic fitness. Professor David Dunstan from the Baker ID, Melbourne is presenting the Oded Bar-Or Memorial Lecture and Dr. Kim Lu is presenting the American Academy of Pediatrics Exchange Lecture. There are additional keynote lectures, covering a range of topics within pediatric exercise medicine, including Pediatric Sleep, Cardiac Adaptations and Screening in Young Athletes, Physical Activity and Disability and reconsideration of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as it pertains to physical fitness. There will also be The Year that Was, a fun, informative session presented by NASPEM’s flagship journal, Pediatric Exercise Science, and Five in Five — short presentations from previous winners of NASPEM’s Marco Cabrera Student Research Award.

Registration and abstract submission are open.