Expression of Interest to Host the Launch of the Global Matrix 4.0

The Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance (AHKGA) is a not-for-profit organization with a goal of promoting physical activity of children and youth worldwide. Among its activities, the AHKGA has championed the development of country “Report Cards” on the physical activity of children and youth. The Report Card is an annual update or “state of the nation” that assesses how a country is doing at promoting and facilitating physical activity opportunities for children and youth. Report Cards consolidate and translate research knowledge to drive social action for policy change relating to physical activity among children and youth. The Report Cards have been used successfully in many countries for advocacy and social mobilization to increase young people’s activity by influencing perceptions, priorities, policies, and practices. More than 120 country Report Cards have been developed and released since 2005.

In 2014, 15 countries concurrently produced and released Report Cards following a harmonized process, resulting in a “Global Matrix” of grades. This cross-country comparison model was released at the Global Summit on Physical Activity for Children in Toronto, Canada and produced provocative findings, generated worldwide interest, initiated research, policy and practice changes in participating countries, helped develop capacity within participating countries, and facilitated cross-fertilization of ideas (e.g., countries with low grades could learn from countries with high grades). Building on the success of the Global Matrix 1.0, in 2016 the AHKGA released the Global Matrix 2.0 in Bangkok, Thailand (at the International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health) with 38 countries participating. In 2018 the AHKGA released the Global Matrix 3.0 in Adelaide, Australia (at the Movement to Move Event) with 49 countries participating. The Global Matrix initiative has been tremendously successful in powering the movement to get kids moving by impacting awareness, practice, policy, research and capacity.
Previous releases have occurred at conferences specifically designed around the release of the Global Matrix (2014, 2018) or aligned with an existing conference (2016). As preparations for the Global Matrix 4.0 begin (with a target of 75 countries), the AHKGA is entertaining expressions of interest to host the next release. The release could occur as an event arranged around the Global Matrix release, aligned with an existing conference, as a single symposium, as a closed event only for country leaders, as a press conference, or other scenario.

Expressions of interest should be sent by email to and are due no later than September 30, 2019. Expressions of interest should be no more than 3 pages long and include the following information:

  1. Institution name, address and description
  2. Proposed dates (must be September – December 2021)
  3. Location and description (country, city, venue)
  4. Description of the bidding institution/organization
  5. Rationale for hosting the event
  6. Previous experience with similar events, if any
  7. Program proposal (e.g., separate event, along with other conference, duration,
    anticipated number of participants, anticipated registration fees, etc.)
  8. Support, including the source of the support (e.g., space, financial support, travel
    scholarships, support to publish proceedings, etc.)
  9. How would you promote the event nationally and internationally?
  10. Bidding statement (i.e., explain why AHKGA should select you!)
  11. Lead contact person (name, phone, email)

Expressions of interest will be reviewed in October and lead applicants will be contacted for further negotiations, with a final site selected no later than the end of November (e.g., approximately 2 years prior to the Global Matrix 4.0 release).