Report Card Grades

  • Overall Physical Activity: D-
  • Organized Sport and Physical Activity: D
  • Active Play: INC
  • Active Transportation: C-
  • Sedentary Behavior: C+
  • Physical Fitness: INC
  • Family and Peers: D-
  • School: C+
  • Community and Environment: C-
  • Government: C

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Report Card Leaders

Liri Findling Bsc, MPHLiri Findling Bsc, MPH is the Director of Efsharibari - The Israel National Program for Active & Healthy Living at the Ministry of Health. Promoting wellbeing and preventing chronic morbidity via policies and programs in physical activity, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle. Liri is the head of the inter-ministerial and multi-sectoral headquarters committees. She spearheads public policy and regulations in the fields of public health, including efforts with the Ministry of Education on the Healthy Schools Network and with the Federation of Local Authorities to promote the Healthy Cities Network. Previously, she was one of the founders and the VP and Head of Research and Policy at Beterem– Safe Kids Israel (NGO). She was the Israel representative in the European Child Safety Alliance and led the development and publication of Child Safety Report Cards in Israel, along with 31 European countries, as the initial step towards the National Child Safety Action Plan. Liri has extensive experience in leadership and strategic planning of complex goals and challenges for generating change in policies, programming and outcomes. She managed and developed intervention programs, tools, standards, research and measurement systems in a variety of public health spheres.

Riki Tesler, MPH, PhDRiki Tesler, MPH, PhD is a senior lecturer, researcher and health promotion specialist in Ariel University’s Health Management Department. She focuses on research in the fields of health promotion, risk and health behaviors. In particular, her research is engaged in evaluation of health promotion strategies and intervention programs targeting the well-being and selutogenic attitudes among populations. Riki has been involved in several national and international research projects: Evaluation and Strategic Planning for Online Learning among Physical Education Teachers, Promotion of Physical Activity among Women with the Mamanet Cachibol League, Promotion of Physical Activity in the Prison System. She is a member of the Health Behaviors in School Age Children research program, physical activity working group and the scientific editor of the Journal of Health Promotion in Israel.

Sharon Levi, MPA
Sharon Levi, MPA is responsible for research and evaluation for Efsharibari- The Israel National Program for Active & Healthy Living at the Ministry of Health and is a research analyst in the Transportation and Safety Research Group at Westat, MD, US. Previously she was director of research and evaluation at Beterem–Safe Kids Israel. Sharon has an MA in Public Administration from Bar Ilan University and is a doctoral student at the School of Public Health, University of Haifa. Her research includes both qualitative and quantitative studies focused on active travel, child and adolescent health and safety, transportation safety and program evaluation. Sharon is responsible for supporting proposals for legislation and standards, as well as evaluating intervention programs. Recent studies include: development of indicators for evaluation of healthy cities in Israel, evaluation of motivations for active travel among adolescents, and a U.S. national survey of awareness and use of child restraint inspection stations.