Report Card Grades

  • Overall Physical Activity: D+
  • Organized Sport and Physical Activity: C-
  • Active Play: INC
  • Active Transportation: INC
  • Sedentary Behavior: D+
  • Physical Fitness: INC
  • Family and Peers: INC
  • School: INC
  • Community and Environment: C-
  • Government: D+*
* For non-Government indicators, the grade is based on mixed data: device-measured and self-reported. For the Government indicator, the HEPA 2 approach, developed by Wales (Ward et al. 2020), is used to assess this indicator.

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Report Card Leader

Pablo Lobo
Professor Pablo Lobo holds a Bachelor of Physical Education and a Bachelor of Sport Sciences from the Universidad de Flores (Argentina), and is currently completing a master degree in Physical Activity and Sports also at the Universidad de Flores (Argentina).

Pablo Lobo has been an adjunct professor at the Universidad de Flores in Argentina since 2015, where he serves also as research coordinator at the Physical Activity Research Laboratory (LEAF).